CMA engineers are a respected team of professionals with a long history of completing successful projects. We carry out in-house the hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and software design components of a project, along with overall management, installation and commissioning. We apply an innovative approach when designing hydraulic and control equipment, that for many years has been producing systems that offer lower energy consumption, higher reliability, and ease of maintenance than systems designed using more conventional ideas.

Servo & Proportional Valve Repair

We offer a complete test and repair service of hydraulic proportional and servo valves. Our extensive technical reference library and stock of replacement parts allows us to rapidly repair valves to manufacturer specifications.

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Process & Cryogenic Valve Repair

CMA also offers a full test and overhaul service for valves used to control steam, Oxygen, Nitrogen, compressed air or other gases. We re-grind, repair, test and calibrate, clean, and certify valves for Oxygen service as required for customers ranging from Hospitals to heavy industrial plants such as BOC, Linde, and BlueScope Steel.

Service Detail